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Kofax Transforms from its Capture roots

Thursday 3rd April, 2014

by Maria Senge, Freelance IT journalist

Kofax's Transform 2014 conference – the annual get-together of Kofax's partners and customers - took place once again this year at San Diego's Hilton Bayfront Hotel and attracted over 700 delegates from around the world, including a fair contingent from the UK. Kofax, best known for its document capture products and solutions, has been on the acquisition trail over the past few years, so here was a great opportunity to get a better understanding and insight as to what lies behind their market moves.

If you can shop at home, you can POP at work

Friday 21st March, 2014

In some of the best partnerships it's sometimes difficult to see where one ends and other begins. They complement each other so much that the fit almost seems obvious. Of course the easy compatibility often masks months and sometimes years of careful negotiation. And so it is between ABBYY and their UK based gold partner Invu, who are the largest reseller of the ABBYY Flexi Capture product. Interested to hear a bit more about Invu and their relationship with ABBYY, I caught up with their CTO, Stuart Evans at the recent eWorld conference in Westminster.

Life's like a box of chocolates...

Wednesday 5th March, 2014

This year, for the first time APN had a stand at the eWorld Purchasing & Supply conference at the QE11 Conference centre in Westminster yesterday. Jostling for position as it was with the lunch tables, and being the friendly sort, I welcomed a steady stream of lunch visitors to my table. Feeling a little bit like Forrest Gump at the bus stop, only in reverse, I proceeded to hear a succession of stories from the vendor's side and then a bit later, from the attendees.

KDS bringing the fun back into expenses. No, really..

Tuesday 4th February, 2013

If you’re going to travel on the Eurostar, then Business Premier is definitely the way to do it. It’s easy, comfortable and all-in-all, a thoroughly pleasant experience. The kind of experience, in fact that T&E management company, KDS would like to say replicated (and if you would like) can of course be facilitated by, their products. Having undergone a series of recent technology and organisational changes, I found myself on a journey to see just what those changes looked like at their KDSNow conference in Paris last week.

OK, so what's going to change in 2014?

Monday 6th January, 2014

Walking along a hale-strewn, windswept and lightly flooded street, I found myself uncharacteristically drawn to the warm (ok, dazzling neon, but dry) glow of Furniture Village and its near neighbours, SCS and Oak Furnitureland. Enticed for the first time into these back-drops to December and early Jan TV, I found myself in the centre of a small flurry of salespeople tripping over themselves to offer tea, hot chocolate, cake, biscuits, sweets, or anything, anything at all in, not that surprisingly, empty shops.

Feeling not unlike the Julia Roberts character in Pretty Woman (just sadly minus the leg inch and ok, lots of other things, plus the added English embarassment at being treated well by shop assistants), I decided that the New Year would bring with it a whole new look and replaced almost everything in our sitting room.

And New Year is like that. Whether we want to or not, we can’t help but think of the future and see our current situations in a new light. Of course, the same is true both in our workplace and in terms of how that work will change and develop in the year ahead.

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